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It is the goal of the Cascadian Independence Project to establish an accountable and democratic partnership between communities within Cascadia to foster greater direct democracy among the peoples of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. We seek to harness innovation to engage with citizens to take a more active role in their government. By giving them a real voice and outlet in which to help us constructively build our society, we enable every citizen to play a key role in the governing process.

We have 3 primary focuses in this area:

  • Increased Citizen and Community Empowerment, Participation and Representation
  • Implementation of Decentralized, Open Source and Associative Governing Models
  • A Transparent, Dynamic and Accountable Governing Body

The Cascadian Independence Project conceives of a world where every person, without exception, is able to substantively participate in the governance of any facet affecting their life. We envision a governance which is not only necessarily more open, free, and democratic but also which more effectively communicates, responds and represents an innovative populace to dynamically respond to the increasing demands of a 21st century working environment. By incorporating lightweight and flexible decentralized democratic principles, this idea of collaborative governance has the potential to be a versatile tool for being the most efficient means of collective action.