Grassroots Consultants

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Our Grassroots Consultants program directly partners teams of students and individuals under volunteer professionals with community organizations, projects and events which need specific help.

This provides educational opportunities for partnering students and universities, professional experience for those developing their skills and building their resume, and an incredible way to serve and empower individuals and community organizations.

Rather than money, those served are simply asked if they can provide return services at some point in time.

How it works:

When a person or organization has an idea for a project or event, they submit an application detailing it, and what exactly they would like help with. This then gets submitted to the consultancy list for whatever service specified. people can discuss it, and those excited to help will contact you directly.

No matter who picks the job, work is overseen by a working professional volunteering their time who assists the process, check for quality, and provides valuable advice and insight.

Who is eligible?

  • Anyone with a great project or idea who needs help getting it off the ground.

Who can be a be a Grassroots Consultant?

  • Everyone! In fact we encourage it and believe everyone has some key way they can help our organization. Artists, fundraisers, grant writers, business experience, research, writing or a willingness for boots on the ground and to get your hands dirty – no matter what skill you think you can offer, let us know. Odds are there’s a Cascadia project or group out there that would love your help.

Especially if you’ve been helped by this program, we encourage you to think of a way you can be involved, and join our support team.  

Program Costs:

  • Completely free. In return, think about any skills or expertise you might want to donate to a project or group.