Celebrate Cascadia Culture Week

“We celebrate Cascadia Culture Week to remind ourselves of our distinct regional values, our unique cultural traditions and beliefs, and our devotion to creating a sustainable and equitable bioregion that empowers every person to be active around what they care most about.” 

Cascadia Culture Week

No matter which team you root for, what language you speak at home, we are all Cascadian. A strong Cascadian community can be a true catalyst for local, equitable change. We celebrate Cascadia Culture Week to remind ourselves of distinct regional values, unique traditions, inherent beliefs, and our devotion to creating a sustainable and equitable community in which leadership is in the hands of the people and a strong community is our greatest asset.

Cascadia Culture Week take place every year from the weekend before Cascadia Day (May 18th) to the weekend after.

The first Cascadia Culture Week took place in 2014, and grew out of the need for more time to celebrate, then just one simple day each year. Since the first culture week, it has grown into a time for Cascadians to host barbeques, raise awareness and celebrate this awesome region that we live in, and movement. 

So please, celebrate being Cascadian with us the week surrounding Cascadia Day, May 18th. We are happy to share this bioregion with you, are honored by all the work you are doing to help CN! become a hub for creating positive community change at the grassroots level, which creates a healthier community for all Cascadians.

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Awesome Ways to Celebrate Cascadia Culture Week!

Fly your flag & wear your swag! Host a flag waving party, or help print out & put up posters, reach out to businesses and share in your neighborhood. 

Share Cascadia. Share your favorite Cascadian photographs, images, posters on social media, raise awawreness and educate friends, and make sure to tag @Cascadiaunderground #Cascadia #CascadiaCW during the week.

For those facebook users out there, awesome Cascadians have created this very nifty Cascadia Doug Flag overlay for your profile picture to help folks show support for Cascadia and the Cascadia movement. Check it out at:


Celebrate Cascadia Day May 18! every year. Rock your swag, fly your flag – and take it upon yourself to share a post about the Cascadia movement or bioregion. Share a distinct fact, image, or something you appreciate, and check our full resource pack of ways to be active here. 

Shop & eat locally. Use the week as an opportunity to share your favorite local businesses, restaurants, organizations, and businesses to friends and family. Do your shopping at a farmers market, cook meals using local ingredients, and have a great week knowing you are supporting your friends, family, neighborhood, and community, all in way which helps shift our actions to a bioregional model.

Volunteer. Hook in with an amazing cause or organization you feel represents Cascadian values in your neighborhood or city. 

Get political. Write or call your representatives to see how they feel on Cascadia. Do a bit of research, write a card, give them a call and let them know whether you think they are doing a good job, or bad job – and how they stand about issues you care about. 

Get outdoors. Go for a hike, pull some invasive species, plant native plants, and celebrate this amazing bioregion. Go on a Cascadia photoshoot to capture the essence of what Cascadia means to you.

Create an art project. Cascadia is a #DIY movement! Create or host a Cascadia art party that helps represent the things that are special. 

Learn about Bioregionalism or Cascadia by checking out some of the awesome books and articles on our reading list here! Or take the next step and host a reading group or book club!

Share pictures, ideas, and events to cascadianow@gmail.com