Cascadia Underground Posts for October 2023

The Parasites

  • By Wilfred Pelletier and Ted Poole. Home! A Bioregional Reader.

A prediction that the imported colonial European culture will not ultimately survive in the Americas.

No Foreign Land

  • By Wilfred Pelletier and Ted Poole. Home! A Bioregional Reader.

An argument against the idea that land can belong to someone rather than the other way around.

Reinhabitation and Restoration

  • Home! A Bioregional Reader.

This introduction to Part Four of Home! A Bioregional Reader gives examples of knowing one’s life-place, transforming systems through community rehabilitation, and other ways to, as the message from the salmon by Freeman House quoted at the beginning puts it, “get serious about this business of coevolution.”

Getting Over the Distance Between Us

  • By Jerry Martien. Home! A Bioregional Reader.

A short poem by Jerry Martien using landforms as metaphor for “how far we’re willing to go to get to the girl or boy next door.”

Green City: An Introduction

  • By Kathryn Cholette, Ross Dobson, Kent Gerecke, Marcia Nozick, Roberta Simpson, and Linda Williams. Home! A Bioregional Reader.

The authors of this short piece explain the green city movement as not an attempt to escape cities but rather an acknowledgment of the fact that cities exist and the focus should be on “ecologizing” them. They offer the Maxworks project in Chicago, in which an abandoned inner-city warehouse was reclaimed as a communal space, as a prime example of this work in action.

A Green City Program for San Francisco Bay Area Cities and Towns

  • By Peter Berg. Home! A Bioregional Reader.

Peter Berg examines San Francisco and the surrounding area as a case study for modern cities. He traces how an explosion in both size and number of cities starting in the mid-20th century, without proper adaptation to accommodate the influx of population, led to major issues. The solution: “[Cities] must be transformed into places that are life-enhancing and regenerative.”

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