Cascadia Underground

cascadia solstice rainbow pride
Cascadia Underground at Horizon Books

Cascadia Underground is a #BIPOC, LGTBQ2A+ led Seattle media center and Cascadia wide collective that provides action-focused education, resources and community space for our movement and bioregional issues. By magnifying diverse voices, stories and perspectives, we empower Cascadians to actively resist oppression, exploitation, discrimination or marginalization.

The Seattle Underground is:

  • a media center for community groups to produce original multimedia content.
  • a citizen journalism network.
  • space for recording interviews, podcasts, video, as well as computers for audio / visual, digital content editing and creation.
  • a space for presentations, classes and meetings.
  • website and hub for bioregional and Cascadian issues and news.

From education to action. All resources, classes, and services will be accessible to Cascadians seeking to learn and get active around issues they are passionate about.