Image of a whale breaching with a kayaker watching. The text Cascadia Free & Beautfil underneath. Made to Celebrate Cascadia Day 2018

Cascadia Day 2018 is Tomorrow! 3 Simple Steps to Celebrate.


Join us in Celebrating 


Every spring, Cascadia celebrates the bioregion-wide holiday Cascadia Day with flag flying, swag wearing and in recognition of the beautiful place we call home. Lost for how to celebrate? Join us as we show the world wide web what makes Cascadia so special. Follow our simple three step process to make your Cascadia Day 2018 the best. 

STEP 1: Post to Social Media

You’ll find images below celebrating the beauty, wonder and “ahhhh” of Cascadia. Pick your favorite (or 12) and post it to social media. You can right click and save the image, then post from the saved file on your computer. 


These 12 images feature photos covering the whole of Cascadia. Why not send them around the world? 

Cosmopolitan Polaroid Series 

See if you can’t spot the Douglass Fir in these retro inspired celebrations of Cascadia

EXTRA CREDIT: Change your social media Cover Photo to one of these wide screen optimized header images.  


STEP 2: Use one of our Facebook Profile Photo Frames

Access our Facebook Profile Photo Frames by clicking on the links below. Keep it up for the day or as long as you want! Cascadia is worth celebrating year your. 


STEP 3: Post & Tag an image of how you are celebrating Cascadia Day

The Cascadia movement has always been about life here in the Bioregion. Show everybody how you are celebrating by posting photos to social media and tag them with following hasthags to let the world know just how good life can be in our bioregion. 

Ideas for photo: The Doug Flag, You wearing Doug Swag, Social Gatherings with Friends & Neighbors, Your favorite photos of what makes Cascadia so unforgettable! 







We’ll be reposting your images all day, so keep a look out for images from all over Cascadia showing up here. 

Learn Cascadia Day History

Most of all, have fun, and HAPPY CASCADIA DAY!








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