Cascadia AgitProp, Stickers, Posters and Art

Thank you to Seattle Tilth and everyone who came and made our Seattle CascadiaNow! Pumpkin Carving a huge success!

Recipe for Wheatpaste | Color Posters and Flyers | BW Posters and Flyers | Stickers


Below you will find a collection of Cascadia and Cascadia Now! related posters, stickers, flyers, agitprop and artwork. This page serves as a databank and directory for community art projects for Cascadia related media.

We encourage people to submit content to and we will upload it as soon as possible. Also, please send any artwork you might stumble across in your neighborhood. We’ll gladly add it up to our photograph gallery.

To submit a file, send a jpeg image attached with an introductory email. If you would like to be attributed with credit of your work, let us know. We also encourage individuals to upload the larger original Adobe reader (PDF) or Adobe photoshop (PSD) file through a free online service called dropcanvas, which is quick and does not require registration or login, and to include the link to the uploaded file.

By submitting content, you agree to a creative commons licensing which states that we, and whoever uses the content, will not do so for monetary purposes, but that anybody can download, alter and resubmit materials as they see fit. We also ask that submitted content either be original work, not copyrighted, or already in the public domain. We will also not post any media which is affiliated with specific political ideologies or has no connection with Cascadia.

With that said, please enjoy our selection of media – we encourage everyone interested to download, edit for their purposes, print them out and help us raise awareness of Cascadia!

Cascadia Art Categories:

For a great recipe and introduction to wheatpasting, view our recipe page


Recipe for Wheatpaste | Color Posters and Flyers | BW Posters and Flyers | Stickers

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