Vote Cascadia

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Vote Cascadia is an interactive community art project.

We are engaging our neighbors to re-imagine our cities and region, by asking each person to anonymously share their vision of a perfect world. By comparing and contrasting our different visions, we begin to understand more intimately the needs, hopes, and desires of those around us, and find our common ground.

Anyone can download, print, distribute ‘ballots’ and they are submitted when a person uploads them to the Vote Cascadia tumblr blog. Locations are also geotagged to create an interactive mapping project, and to help individuals in communities throughout the Cascadia bioregion.

The “Results” of this poll are dynamic word cloud art images. All the ballots are analyzed for word frequency, and the most common words are larger proportional to their usage. In this way, we can sum up in a single image the recurring thoughts, dreams, and ideas of an entire community- our collective common ground.

We need you help spread this project to your community.

If you are interested in getting involved, please send an email to: