People enjoying a Cascadian Summer bonfire as the sun sets.
People enjoying a Cascadian Summer bonfire as the sun sets.

Upcoming Cascadia Events for the Summer!

Have brighter skies gotten you thinking about Summer days? They sure have for us! Click on any of our favorite recommendations  below for more information about Upcoming Cascadia Events for the Summer! 

Cascadia Culture Week, an event in the Perfect Cascadian Summer This year, Cascadia Culture Week starts May 12th

Join Cascadians from around the bioregion as we celebrate Cascadia Culture Week! Started by bioregionalists in the 1980’s, Cascadia Culture Week helps us appreciate and recognize our distinct region and culture – culminating each year in events around our self declared Cascadia Day on May 18!

Cascadians march in the Freemont Solstice parade, part of our Perfect Cascadian Summer Join the Cascadia Arts Council Sasquatch build and Solstice Parade

Join Cascadia Underground, Seattle CascadiaNow! and Cascadians from around the city and region as we march in the Fremont Solstice Parade! We are excited this year to be planning ahead, and will be making Cascadia Lanterns, and decorations starting in March for the Olympia Procession of the Species. Work will officially start for our solstice ensemble during Cascadia Culture Week May 12-20th leading up to the parade itself. 

Facebook RSVPMarch with your fellow Cascadians in the Seattle PRIDE parade. From Upcoming Cascadian Summer Events Join us for the annual Seattle PRIDE parade, Cascadia Marchers, on June24th

Join us for the 44th annual Seattle Pride Parade. We will meet in the marshaling area and proceed down 4th Ave. to Seattle Center. Feel free to wear your Cascadian swag! Bicycles are also welcome with our contingent. 

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Cascadia Convergence 2018, and event in the perfect Cascadian Summer. Join us for the annual Cascadia Campout and Convergence! starting June 29th

 Join the 2018 Cascadia Convergence! The annual Cascadia Convergence is a space for Cascadians to come together to share, learn, connect, and celebrate, and the rest is up to you! What do you have to share with your fellow Cascadians? Why is learning about bioregionalism important? How can we best connect with each other and our beautiful space on this planet? What are the best ways to celebrate our love of Cascadia?

Cascadia NW Festival, a part of our Perfect Cascadian Summer

A true summer festival with a heaping side of Cascadia. 

Cascadia NW celebrates our beautiful Northwest culture, with three days of music, art, and camping on nearly 300 acres of North Cascade scenery at the Masonic Family Park, near Granite Falls, Washington.  Cascadia NW is produced by Starborne Productions, as well as hundreds of other members of Cascadian communities from across the Pacific Northwest. Each year, the festival is unique in that festival goers and organizers divide up into different camps, each of whom have their own stage, art and music that they coordinate and orchestrate.

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