The Fremont Solstice Parade: A celebration of summer, color and community

Cascadians of all backgrounds came together Saturday as the Fremont Arts Council held its annual summer solstice parade. Music, dance, and art communities marched down the two-and-a-half-mile parade route through the heart of Seattle’s art district. Hundreds of onlookers marveled at the colorful array of floats, giant puppets, costumes, marching bands, and dancers.

Our beloved sasquatch made its second appearance at the parade along with our volunteers and ensemble members dressed in mythical forest costumes and masks. With the help of Mythica Village and our wonderful ensemble volunteers dancing along with giant leaf fans, we hid the sasquatch from our bigfoot hunters and sasquatch unbelievers.

The Fremont Drum All-Stars and DreamDance Cascadia joined our procession dressed in white to celebrate the solstice and dance along the route before our float. Each member in white wore a felt heart on their sleeve to show expression and open hearts to all.

Each year the parade draws diverse groups of people and art together to create a stronger sense of community and culture in the Cascadia region. The parade celebrates the positivity and culture of the Pacific Northwest.



Taylor McAvoy is a Junior at the University of Washington pursuing a bachelors degree in Journalism. She has been a writer and photographer for the university’s newspaper The Daily for a year focusing on editorial reporting and arts event coverage. 

Twitter: @TaylorMcAvoy105

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