Take the Bioregional Pledge

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The Bioregional Pledge

In 2017, Cascadia movement is growing faster than ever. By taking the Cascadian Bioregional Pledge, we are asking you to take the first step with us as we work for a more independent, resilient and sustainable future for our friends, family and children. By joining the Cascadian ‘Inter-Dependence’ Movement, you will join a grassroots movement and receive updates from around your community, different campaigns to improve Cascadia in some way, special toolkits and resources, and be hooked in with our directory of volunteers, workgroups and members. 

The Pledge: I, _____________, as a Cascadian, do hereby promise to live intentionally for the good of the Bioregion, and its inhabitants. Through my actions and choices, I will work to

  • be responsible and accountable for my actions and choices,

  • support groups, businesses, food, items and events that are local, sustainable and ethical; that fit into a global system responsibly,

  • Help spread bioregionalism and grow a network of watershed movements; for a bioregion that is vibrant, resilient and autonomous.

  • Support systems that are democratic, accountable and transparent, and that help increase our regional ‘inter-dependence’, in mutual collaboration.

  • Work to build a positive and inclusive movement, and treat those working to make our region and world a better place with respect, support and compassion.

  • Promote healthy communities and build lasting relationships.

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If you believe in the work we do, please also: 

  • See our 12 Ways that Every Person Can be Involved.
  • Join us as a CN! Sustaining Member – that supports CN! directly, through $5, $10, $15, $20 a month.
  • Be a Cascadia Ambassador – that educates, tables and presents about Cascadia & Bioregionalism, and builds partnerships in their communities. 
  • Join or Start a Cascadian Work Group – that help educate or raise awareness on some specific aspect of Cascadia
  • Join or Start a CascadiaNow! Chapter – that help expand CN!’s missions on a local level by educating about bioregionalism, hosting Cascadia related work groups, fundraisers, and their own sponsored projects. 

Please join us!

Together, this is Cascadia, and we are the Cascadia Movement.