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Sanctuary City Music Project: Angela Hammontree

Episode #1: In this first episode of Sanctuary City Music Project, host Jay Conrad talks with Seattle-based musician Angela Hammontree. She discusses using her personal experience to write music with political undertones and gives us advice for musicians still exploring how they want to get their political views into the world.

Angela Hammontree is a vocalist, songwriter, recording artist, bandleader, and performer active in the PNW area for well over a decade. She’s known for her big pipes, uncompromising lyrics, and healthy dose of sly humor. She and her lineups have played numerous clubs and festivals and been featured on local television and radio.

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Hammontree also contributes lead vocals to the PNW’s female-fronted Led Zeppelin tribute, Heartbreaker. And she can be found doing the occasional acoustic duo, sitting in with various bands, and lending her vocals to various causes and events. She is available for studio work, fill-ins, and voice-overs, and always looking for interesting opportunities! Thanks for visiting, and please check out some audio or video while you’re here!

About Sanctuary City Music Project


Sanctuary City Music Project brings musicians and artists together to honor our rich diversity and to further the objectives of equality and awareness. Join us in creating an epic compilation of music, spoken word, poetry, and other forms of audible art.

The project was created after the election of 2016, and seeks to support communities and groups that are at risk in American society. All proceeds will be donated to local organizations and branches such as Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, Planned Parenthood, Seattle/KC Coalition on Homelessness or the ACLU.

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