Thank you! Rainingman 2015 was awesome

 “An Alternative theory” – A beautiful mural that went up rainingman weekend by whealon costello and Danny grange. 



Time lapse of the mural being painted. Apologies for the over exposure on day 1, not sure what happened.

Posted by Aidan Rogers on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Thank you to everyone who attended Cascadia Rainingman 2015 made a unique contribution to the positive feel of our Cascadian community.

Over the weekend of September 4th-6th we were able to share the weekend with more than 150-200 other lovely Cascadians with the fantastic hospitality of our Rainingman hosts, Dina and William of Music on the Mounds, who have welcomed hundreds of campers and concert-goers to their home in the sole pursuit of togetherness and good times.

The outstanding CascadiaNow! volunteer crew donated more than 50 hours over the course of the Rainingman weekend. Each of them were quite humble about their contribution, but anyone who enjoyed the campfire, the Community Kitchen or the smiling welcome at the gate knows how impactful the volunteers really were.

 Great shot of cedar teeth Performing :) Great shot of cedar teeth Performing 🙂

A proper nod to the performers and presenters would take an entire article all its own. CascadiaNow! Assistant Director Naomi Botkin shares “In my own week following the festival, I have been snacking on dandelion leaves thanks to Melany’s Urban Foraging workshop. I have been telling everyone about Old Growth Poetry Collective‘s group piece arguing for the unknown and eerie depths of the ocean as champion of all things nerdalicious. I have been scheming on how I can incorporate honey.moon.tree‘s throat singing and Geist & the Sacred Ensemble‘s use of violin bow as guitar pick in my own musical endeavors.”

A huge thanks also goes out to all the wonderful performers and musicians including Rooster Crow, Austin Farrell, The Resinators, Plaedo, Cedar Teeth, Geist & The Sacred Ensemble, The Wreckless Freaks, Junkyard Amy Lee, Old Growth Poetry Collective, honey.moon.tree – and all the lovely performers during our open mic ceremony. 

A huge thanks to all our lovely tablers and presenters, who really made the weekend meaningful and impactful – including Hilary Richrod, all the folks from Raven Roots Wildcraft School, Plaedo Wellman, Kevin Spangenberg, Doug Holmes, Melany Verass Herrera, Jeffrey Mocniak, as well as the Cascadia Education Project, Seattle Rising Tide, Straub Environmental Center, APRIL, Amarajanda, Lisa Nowak, Cascadia Ciderworks United – and everyone who presented and created discussions, games and activities during our sunday unConference.



Patrick Murphy made this pendulum wave out of old caterpillar pistons and lit with LEDs at #musiconthemounds. #cascadianow

Posted by Noelle Nordstrom on Sunday, September 6, 2015

Yes, so many contributions were obvious and wonderful. But everyone made a contribution, and some were more subtle. Anytime someone thanked another participant for sharing their thoughts: the weekend was a success. When the crowds each night proclaimed their undying love for everyone who crossed the stage: the weekend was a success. When folks who were strangers the night before woke up best buds following campfire music jams into the wee hours of the morning: the weekend was a success.

Rainingman 2015 reflected the Cascadia that CascadiaNow! dreams of, where we inject our daily choices and activities with a health dose of generosity and gratitude. Where we see ourselves as a single whole rather than a collection of pieces. Where happiness and well-being grow organically from a commitment from each of us to do right by each other.

Everyone who attended Rainingman made a unique contribution that made the weekend what it was: a positive space to learn, share and connect. From the CascadiaNow! team, and from anyone Cascadian who becomes ten times stronger when surrounded by friends, thank you.

Thank you so much!!!!  and we can’t wait to see you next year!

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