Cascadia Now! Upcoming January Meetups set for Seattle, Olympia and Portland

cascadia solstice rainbow pride

For those interested, we’re happy to announce several upcoming Cascadia Now! meetups throughout the Northwest, starting in Olympia, Vancouver, Seattle and Portland. Meetings are usually welcoming and informal, and will likely include introductions, greetings, discussions about current and ongoing campaigns, actions, merchandise, newsletters, zines as well as organizing workshops, lectures, and conferences.
As always, we’re also looking for people interested in hosting meetups in other cities as well, and if you’re interested feel free to contact us at with a date/place that you think is appropriate.

For futher details:

Olympia, WA:
Wednesday, January 9th @ Fishtails Brewpub3pm
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Seattle, WA:
Tuesday, January 8th @ Cafe Allegro 7pm
Every other Tuesday
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Portland, OR:
Wednesday, January 9th @ Psu Smith Memorial Student Union Portland,Or
Once started the group will meet every second and fourth Wednesday
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If you don’t live near the above cities, please let us know if you would like to host a Cascadia meetup of your own.

If you’d like to get active with Cascadia Now! there are always a wide variety of ways in which to help out. If you have any special interests, would like to let us know how you think you can help or just to show your support please don’t hesitate to contact us on our Get Involved page. Right now we are especially looking for anyone with non-profit administration, grant writing, or volunteer coordination experience, but never hesitate to shoot us an email.