Must See YouTube Videos of August

Off the Pitch with Hermes Le Twit: Episode 7, the Cascadian Cup

Released in the excitement for the upcoming Portland Timbers vs. Vancouver Whitecaps Cascadia Cup match, go behind the scenes with Hermes Le Twit as he interviews Saskatoon Sam about the importance of soccer in British Columbia, and the historical importance of the Cascadia Cup. All 100% true.

View the video from the Portland Timber Army Facebook site:

Catch up on your Chinook Jargon with Michael Farrington:

Local Pacific Northwesterner and Chinook Jargin aficionado Michael Farrington has begun to post up an educational YouTube video series about Chinook Jargon, the historical trade language between Salish coastal tribes, as well as early European pioneers and traders. The first video is an introduction to the history, background and basics of Chinuk Wawa (Chinook Jargon), the Pacific Northwest’s own Metis/pidgin/creole language., while the second is his first lesson on greetings:

Creating the Borders of Cascadia

In response to the Mapping Cascadia article in last month’s newsletter, a group of highschoolers from South Eugene have created their own YouTube video helping to define the borders of Cascadia, once and for all. How’d they know how we decided the borders? Judging from the comments, maybe not everyone seems to agree…:

A Cascadia Cup: Youtube Videos  highlighting Cascadia in the recent matches between Vancouver, Seattle and Portland

For Northwest soccer fans out there, there were some great Cascadia-related Youtube videos documenting the unique rivalry. Among our favorites were: