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2nd Cascadian Bioregionalism Un-Conference held in Eugene, Oregon

On Saturday June 30th the group Unifying Cascadia hosted their second conference in Eugene, Oregon about Pacific Northwest bioregionalism.

The “Let’s Talk” series presented their second unconference on Regional Resiliency, a day of powerful conversations about strengthening community organization and independence in the face of a continuingly destabilized world.

Those who attended the first Unconference on Cascadian bioregional resiliency, held on March 30, were amazed at the creative, participatory, self-empowered atmosphere that the unique Open Space hosting format provides.

The second gathering explored topics of economics, sustainability, and resiliency, as well as Cascadian bioregionalism. The Open Space hosting format ensured that everyone in a group has the opportunity to engage with the subject matter and the agenda, schedule, and workshops are all created by the participants.

Largest Tifo Banner in MLS history raised in Portland/Seattle Cascadia Cup Match

June 24th saw a thunderous 2-1 victory for the Portland timbers over the Seattle Sounders but the most impressive sight may have come before the game had even started.

In the rear end of the stadium a banner was raised, stretching more than 280’x80’, the 1500lb, 20,000+ square ft raised by 66 individuals on 22 rigging lines – the largest display of its kind in MLS history.

The banner, raised by the Timber Army showed the Portland Skyline above a picture of the legendary Clive Charles, flanked by a massive city flag and, of course, the Cascadian Doug flag.


Cascadia Earth First! Locks Down, Climbs Flagpoles in State Capitol

After a bioregional, weekend long Cascadia Earthfirst! Rendezvous, activists occupied the Oregon State Capitol in Salem to protest widespread clear cutting in state forests. EarthFirst!ers locked down in the offices of Secretary of State Kate Brown and treasurer Ted Wheelers, while others hung banners from outside flag poles, and still others joined arms under the capitol dome, laying a Cascadian Doug Flag emblazone with the words “Cascadia EarthFirst!” in the center of the floor.

The protest was in response to the State Land Board, which is responsible for the management of the common school fund, generated from taxes on certain lands operated by the board and tying in key tax payer funds and revenue with funding for public education – and often leads towards privatization and exploitation of publicly owned resources.

“The elected officials of the State Land Board are allowing large extraction-based industries to make a quick profit at the expense of Oregon’s future,” says Emmalyn Garrett of Bandon, OR. “We won’t let narrow industry interests dirty the air and water, destroy biodiversity, and decrease Oregon’s quality of life.”


2012 Cascadia Rainbow Celebration

From June 14th through June 20th the 2012 Cascadia Rainbow Celebration took place in central Oregon as an alternative for those who could not make it to the Katuah national gathering, as well as a stopping point for those interested in forming caravans to events elsewhere.


The gathering was conceived through an open consensus process that included dozens of rainbow family members as well as occupy and organizers from a variety of movements. The event brought hundreds of individuals to the Old Cascades Crest Trails and Lava lakes national forest.


Participants gathered to enjoy some beautiful Pacific Northwest scenery, music, and beer, and took the opportunity to help build bridges between people from across the bioregion to come together and share their ideas for Cascadian organizing in the future.


Throughout the event, a Cascadia info tent was set up where people could get informational literature and merchandise.











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