Cascadia in the Media June/July

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Cascadia Rising – Article in Portland Monthly

Portlandian arts and culture magazine the Portland Monthly put out a tremendously positive full-length feature piece on Cascadia and the Cascadian Movement in their most recent issue. Beginning with a discussion of the same adidas ad that is featured in Nate Jensen’s article in this newsletter, the article then moves into a discussion of the Doug Flag and the Cascadian movement more broadly.

The article’s author, Martin Patail, draws on a wide variety of sources in his piece, which contains nods to both the whimsical and serious sides of Cascadia as it has been portrayed on the internet and elsewhere – references range from the satirical Republic of Cascadia website from the mid-2000s to Ernest Callenbach’s Ecotopia and David McCloskey’s creation of the term to the current Cascadia Now! social movement and the Cascadian presence in popular culture.

To see the full article, visit the Portland Monthly’s website at


July 4th 2012 – BBC – The day in images:

An image of a Portland Timbers fan made it all the way to the BBC website for their photo journalism documenting the day in pictures. The fan, waving a flag amid green smoke from a flare was celebrating a second half goal during the football game against the San Jose Earthquake in Portland, Oregon. Eespite the fact that it was July 4th, American flags were notably absent from the photo array.


The Citizen’s Guide to Seattle Beer: The Republic Of Cascadia

Local beer and soccer aficionado Abram Goldman-Armstrong made headlines in the Seattle Metropolitan magazine in their documentation of the ongoing movement to coin and spread the beautifully dark and tasty Cascadian Dark Ale.

The article provides a wonderful introduction to Cascadia, a sovereign nation whose signature beer, the Cascadian Dark Ale or black IPA, is an emerging style rising with the growing movement to encapsulate a new and dynamic idea. Follow the link below to read more about the fight to protect our regional beer:


Cascadia Cup Tifo Makes the Rounds

The Portland tifo at the Timber Army Sounders match made headlines around Cascadia and the world beyond, being picked up in a series of articles by MLS writers, as well as several European football observers.

From the Guardian in the UK which documented the Cascadian rivalry between Portland and Seattle in “Portland Timbers’ giant tifo throws down gauntlet to Seattle Sounders” with a giant image in their sports blog ( to the article by MLS reserves “Cascadia: United Under a Symbol” ( which explored the history and meaning of the Cascadian Doug Flag in the regional rivalry, and for the fans themselves, noting that: “It’s called the Doug Flag because of the Douglas fir on its front, and it’s become an almost mandatory feature of any Cascadia Cup match. Fans in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver all fly its blue, white and green stripes as a symbol of the Pacific Northwest,” coverage was unanimously impressed and positive.


Cascadia Gets an Honorary Mention – 10 Movements to Secede from the United States

While once upon a time July 1st (Canada Day) and July 4th (US Independence Day) may have inspired us to unite around our commonalities and throw fireworks at each other in peace, nowadays, it’s usually synonymous with a deluge of wonderful articles documenting different features of spreading secessionist ideologies from around the United States and Canada.

In these articles Cascadia has received an honorary mention, noting that while we have produced no declarations or articles of independence, Cascadia Now! seeks a gradual transition self-regulation for the Pacific Northwest, asserting that the region is better equipped to govern itself than distant governments in distant governments in Ottawa and Washington, DC.

Read more about other movements building for outright separation at:


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