July in Pictures

cascadia solstice rainbow pride

July continued to see some new photographs and images, including Cascadia tattoos, more giant soccer and football flags, a whole heap of stickers, some great artwork, new jerseys, and of course flags, flags, flags!

[tab name=”#RCTID Tattoo”]

[/tab] [tab name=”Doug Fir Tattoo”]


[/tab] [tab name=”Flag Waving”]


[/tab] [tab name=”Giant Flag”]


[/tab] [tab name=”In the Mist”]


[/tab] [tab name=”Stickers”]


[/tab] [tab name=”Bioregion Art”]


[/tab] [tab name=”Uniform”]


[/tab] [tab name=”Poster”]


[/tab] [tab name=”Giant Bike Flag”]


[/tab] [tab name=”#Cascadia hood”]






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