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New Sticker Design

We are always looking for new de-signs for stickers, clothes, flyers, well really just about anything that you can think of that you might want to express your love of Cascadia.

This design comes from redditor “queen_rush”, Thanks so much for contrib-uting and allowing the use of your image.




The Doug goes to NYC

During an Occupy Portland protest in October of 2011, filmmaker Michael Moore stopped by to lend his support. Oc-cupiers gave him a Cascadian Flag and he agreed to have it flown in New York at the Occupy Wall Street site. If anyone has pho-tographs of it in NYC we’d love to see them.

Michael Moore holding up The Doug. Photo by Paul Cone




“HUB Secession Cascadia Dark Ale in it’s Natural Environment” Posted to Reddit by CascadiaNow








Portland Flag-Making Parties

The idea of Cascadia continues to become more firmly rooted in Portland as organizers with the group Cascadia Alli-ance held a series of informal Potlucks and flag making parties to help raise awareness of the idea, which are becoming more visi-ble at Timber Army Games, Occupy Pro-tests, on local brews and at any public event.

Beginning in February and continu-ing on March 17th, St. Patty’s Day, organ-izers began what has become a monthly meetup and potluck to discuss envisioning projects, some rebel coordination, and en-joy some awesome music and food bring-ing in between 50-70 folks.

They also held flag making parties on March 9th and the 23rd as a way to gather, talk about Cascadia, and help make some giant flags which could be used at future events


The first Monthly Cascadia Freedom Party in Bend, OR 

On Sunday, February 26th organiz-ers from Cascadia Matters, the group that is producing the serial documentary Occupied Cascadia, hosted their first monthly ‘Cascadia Freedom Party’ at the Horned Hand. Several dozen people showed up to celebrate, learn about the bioregion, have a few beers and listen to an open mic, fol-lowed by Cascadian Black Metal bands “When We Were Wolves” and “Wild Eye Revolver”.

For information about upcoming meet ups contact Mel Sweet of Cascadia Matters at windhowler@gmail.com





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