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2016 Returning Member Item

The above items are items that every new member will receive upon becoming a member to CascadiaNow!. To show our extreme gratitude to returning members, we send a very special thank you gift each year to all renewing members who have supported us for two or more years.

As chosen by our members, 2016 returning members each received this one-of-a-kind, hand made Cascadia mug by Seattle independent artists Lisa Bade and Erin Carlton. The mugs are a limited edition of 120, hand numbered, made from clay excavated from the I-90 tunnel project from the 1990’s rebuild in King County, WA, and crafted and fired over a six week creation process. They are blue and green, and feature the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus (of course!) waving a Doug Cascadia flag.

About the Artists:

Erin Carlton is a teaching/ceramic artist living in Seattle, WA and has called Cascadia home for almost 20 years. All of Erin’s work is original – everything is hand-thrown, and no two items are exactly the same, even within a set. Erin loves creating with clay because it gracefully dances between the craft and art world. Currently she is a high school ceramics teacher in the Highline school district where she is lucky to teach over a hundred students how to create awesome art with clay.

Lisa Bade is a socially engaged illustrator, teaching and visual artist who considers Cascadia home. Lisa’s work has shown regionally from Seattle in the 1980’s (through the Carolyn Harkness and Thrasher-Orth Galleries), to Vancouver BC (UBC in 2003), down to Portland (Tao Center 2012). She facilitates community arts workshops and skill sharing projects in North America and as a guest facilitator for the School of Peace in Asia. Lisa worked as an art teacher for more than 10 years and is passionate about developing critical, informed creative voice and empowerment in upcoming artists.

Why this membership?

YOU make this movement happen. Your efforts keep our organization independent and supporter driven, and right now, 100% of our funding comes from passionate supporters like you.

CascadiaNow! is a diverse group of passionate people interested in protecting the things we find special, and helping build healthier communities here in the Pacific Northwest. 

Membership gifts enable us to support more grassroots projects and amplify positive impacts across the bioregion. In 2015, CascadiaNow! supported two grassroots projects. That number grew to 18 in early 2017, and we look forward to growing the CascadiaNow! family even more thanks to your support.

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