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Chapters and Groups:

Why start a chapter?

  • Fiscal Sponsorship
  • Web Hosting for your Chapter Page (coming)

  • Peer mentorship to help get your group started

  • Connection into Regional Organizing Structure

  • Social Media Awareness

  • Inclusion in our calendar and newsletter

  • Self-sustaining support structure

  • Access to at cost merchandise/orders for your chapter

  • Assistance/services for larger events and projects

What is a Student or Charter Group?

The goal of a CascadiaNow! chapter or group is to raise awareness of Cascadia, and to cultivate a culture of engagement in which individuals and communities can envision, explore, and realize their own goals for the betterment of everyone living in the Cascadia bioregion. Chapters build community partnerships, support projects and events, and connect people together in a safe environment to enable Cascadian organizing within local communities throughout the Pacific Northwest.

In addition, all groups help create a space to support bioregionalism, community needs and local organizing, and are a means to combat larger systematic and underlying causes responsible for inherent disparities, exploitation and disenfranchisement within our broader society.

Groups are a direct, but largely autonomous extension of CascadiaNow! They are largely self-sustaining, act on what they feel is most important, and receive a host of benefits to enable them to make a concrete difference in their communities. This structure is based on our belief that the local and bioregional scales are intertwined: helping our local communities is helping our bioregion, tied in and integrated into a global context.

As an organization, CascadiaNow! is here to connect you with other individuals interested, to assist your group with direct services, and to support Cascadia related projects and events your group might want to organize, especially when those projects are larger or at a regional level.