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I dream of a Cascadia that…

Cascadia is a wonderful, inclusive and diverse movement where every Cascadian can be a positive force for change here in the Pacific Northwest, and throughout the world. On this page are just a few of the amazing, creative ways that people are getting involved. Folks can also work with CascadiaNow directly at every level to help us build a network of regional coordinators and groups forming throughout the Pacific Northwest.  


Below are some awesome, creative, and simple ways to hook in, and that people are using to helping grow the Cascadia Movement:

What inspires you?

What inspires you to live locally and sustainably, caring for your bioregion’s community and environment?  We’d love to listen and to share. Feel free to contact us, and share your pictures and stories with

Join us!

CascadiaNow! is building a diverse network of groups, individuals and communities that help grow the idea of Cascadia, celebrate and protect the amazing things that make our region special, and create real impact here in the Pacific Northwest. Want to host a book club, a fundraiser, a show, a project, give a presentation, table at an event, host a project or start a chapter? We invite every Cascadian to hook in, become a cultural ambassador and help us share this amazing movement, at every level. Visit our Contact Us page to be involved.