Happy May Day, Cascadians!

Today, we honor all Cascadian laborers and labor advocates fighting for the rights to their labor; whether you are marching, celebrating labor advocacy’s long history and the achievement of the 8 hour work day, or even just pondering new ways to improve labor practices locally through organizing and empowering your communities. CascadiaNow! recognizes and celebrates all the accomplishments of labor advocates across the bioregion and actively stands with workers in their fight for better working conditions.

Without labor advocates, our bioregion cannot be resilient, equitable, or sustainable. 

A healthy, sustainable, and resilient bioregion is one that is equitably owned and operated by members of a local community. Support your local workers, unions, labor advocates, and ethical business owners that are putting people before profits!

Some ways you can celebrate today include:

  • Participate in a local mayday march or rally- especially one that supports historically marginalized or vulnerable communities.

  • Research local labor advocacy organizations in your community and learn when their next meeting is!

  • Learn about the history and meaning of May Day- which can vary in presentation by the media.

  • Think about ways that you can mobilize with local movements, orgs, and workers within the bioregion!

  • Research local businesses that employ ethical labor practices, such as paying a livable wage, offering benefits like sick & paid time off, transportation passes, and insurance- and then intentionally support them! 

So, how will you be celebrating May Day? Tag #CascadiaMayDay so we can see and share your efforts!

Educate. Organize. Mobilize!

Learn more about the origins of May Day:

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