12 Ways to be Active

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12 Ways Every Person Can be Active

1. Follow our social media

Facebook Page, Facebook Group, TwitterInstagramRedditPinterest, Tumblr

Share your events and connect with others. We also have this very nice facebook profile overlay app here.

2. Sign up for our Newsletter


Get updates on how you can be involved

3. Get educated – learn about Cascadia and Bioregionalism

Find resources online and attend workshops. Take a look at our About Bioregionalism page, our Bioregionalism 101 reading list here, browse the history of the movement here, or find some great resources here. In addition, read our Theory of Change – Why Bioregionalism page to get grounded in our philosophy and principles.

4. Become a Sustaining Member – Join our movement

CascadiaNow! is a supporter driven movement and organization. Sustaining members support our work at $5, $10, $15, $20 levels per month and receive cool member only swag and other perks. Become a CascadiaNow! member here

5. Create positive impact – get active in your community

Connect with local projects through Seattle CN! Make more sustainable choices in your daily life- no plastic, buy Cascadian. Show up for Racial, social, and environmental events in your area. Educate yourself!

6. Be a Cascadian Ambassador

Raise awareness of bioregionalism and educate about Cascadia. Email morgan@cascadianow.org or fill out the form at our Be an Ambassador Page here to learn more or get active.

7. Be a Cascadia partner – share the movement

Any group or business can be a Cascadia partner. Fly the Doug flag at your home or business. If you have the space, host an event or fundraiser. We’re always looking for new spaces to support which can host our events.

8. Join or start a workgroup – Be the change you want to see

Groups can focus on specific issues through meetings, activism or small project. We have numerous committees in the Seattle Chapter you can join in on. Outreach, Education, Arts, Social Media, and the Cascadia Podcast.

9. Get Sponsored – become a program/project of CN!

Fiscal sponsorship from CN! extends our non-profit status to help a project achieve its goals. Whether you just want to partner up for a one-time event, need long term assistance, or want to work towards becoming your own non-profit, we offer a wide variety of resources. If your project or event strengthens the resiliency of the bioregion we would love hear how we could support you. 

10. Start a local CascadiaNow chapter

Can’t come to meetings or events because you don’t live in Seattle? Start your own chapter! We’d love to share resources, templates, and ideas to support the creation and growth of a new chapter! We envision a strong bioregion of active chapters throughout Cascadia. Contact morgan@cascadianow.org for more info. 

11. Join us! Volunteer with Cascadia Now

Bring whatever skills and time you have to offer, our projects need support in many ways, from setting up a tabling booth to attending a benefit event. You’re just the person we’re looking for! Stop by any of our events, chapter meetings, or shoot us an email!

12. Host an Event or Fundraiser

Grow Cascadia through community engagement. Host a discussion on change through bioregionalism, dismantling white supremacy, the decolonization of the mind, an envisioning session of the future of Cascadia. Help fundraise for the Seattle Chapter and many of our awesome projects, or a great cause. CN! can help advertise through social media outlets.