Free Cascadia Stickers

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Free Stickers!

Simply fill out the form below. Stickers get sent out at least once every month.

**NOTICE:  We’ve been Reddit hugged! 

Unfortunately, this also means we don’t have the resources to get stickers out to everyone who would like them. Because of that, we’re trying to find a balance to still make them accessible to everyone who would like them. All stickers within Cascadia will remain free, and we’re happy to send stickers everywhere else for the price of shipping (should be $1 all included for US orders). We apologize for the inconvenience, and would love to be able to keep these free for everyone in the future. 

If you are in desperate need of free stickers, please email us with the secret handshake:


Live within the Cascadia bioregion?


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(the cost of shipping)

Free five packs of 3×5″ vinyl Cascadia Stickers for whoever would like them! Our only goal with this project is to get stickers out to everyone who wants them, and get them up everywhere!

We are covering the cost of the stickers, and postage is powered completely by donation. Stickers are mailed out once per month and made possible by awesome contributions from YOU! our continuingly fantastic supporters.

So please enjoy, and if you have some extra change, feel free to chip in so we can get these out to as many people as we can.   

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