Thirst for Light: Cascadian Summer Solstice

June 21, 2018 @ 5:00 pm – June 25, 2018 @ 8:00 pm
Red Hawk Avalon
WA 98577
Red Hawk Avalon
Thirst for Light: Cascadian Summer Solstice @ Red Hawk Avalon | Raymond | Washington | United States

Red Hawk Avalon is proud to host Thirst for Light V, June 21st-25th, MMXVIII. Join them for 5 days of music, performance, camping, swimming, plant-walks, archery, feasting, fire, and honoring our ancestors under the same rising sun they once looked upon before us.

They are doing tiered pricing of tickets as such:

Imbolc – Equinox price will be $100.00 usd
Equinox – Beltane price will be $120.00 usd
Beltane – Litha price will be $150.00 usd

Getting tickets early insures a better price for you and helps us get the infrastructure we need to host this festival. (we are a small DIY collective)

“Arise, Oh Sun! for the longest day
Winter’s last breath has faded away
Come, Rejoice to the glorious sound
Let us dance the circle round
Thirsting for light as darkness ends
Gather as strangers, leave as friends.”

Please join for 5 days of hailing the Sol! 

Thirst for Light V Performers:

  • A Court for Owls 
  • A Whisper Wakes the Wolves
  • Abronia 
  • Addaura
  • Aerial Ruin 
  • Alda
  • Anna Vo 
  • At the Head of the Woods
  • Birch Book 
  • Blind Physics 
  • Callow 
  • Counsel of Gallows
  • Die Geister Beschworen 
  • Druden 
  • Ehecatl
  • Entrail 
  • Ergot Rye 
  • Exquisite Corpse 
  • Eye of Nix 
  • Faun Fables
  • Felled 
  • Geist and the Sacred Ensemble
  • Goblin Town (childrens entertainment)
  • Gyre V 
  • Hail
  • Horse Cult
  • Illudium 
  • Isenordal 
  • Johanna Warren
  • Joy Shannon and the Beauty Marks 
  • L’Acephale
  • Latona Odola
  • Leadeater 
  • Madison Mandrake 
  • Medicine Moon
  • Megaton Leviathon
  • Nemo Dog
  • Noctooa
  • Novemthree 
  • NoYouYesMe 
  • Organelle 
  • Prisoner’s Cinema
  • Rechannelization 
  • Reid Stubblefield DJ 
  • Ritual Veil
  • Sangre de Muerdago 
  • Serpentent
  • Sinew 
  • Sleeping with the Earth 
  • Solace
  • Strangeweather 
  • Thunder Grey Pilgrim 
  • Utiseta
  • Void Omnia
  • Vradiazei 
  • Weather Veins 
  • Wēoh 
  • Will O’ the Wisp
  • Witch Bottle 
  • With the End in Mind 
  • Withering of Light
  • Wombroot 
  • Worm Ouroboros
  • Young Hunter 
  • More TBA…

“Come as Strangers, Leave as Friends”


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