September 19, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Greenwood District
Seattle, WA

The Seattle Skeptics* MeetUp group has arranged for UW climate scientist Dargan Frierson, Ph.D., to give a presentation on the science of climate change. There will be time for questions and discussion afterward. Dargan teaches highly popular UW courses for freshmen on up to graduate students on the basics of global warming through advanced atmospheric science topics. Come meet the Skeptics and learn about Climate Science!
Go to MeetUp and join and RSVP the Seattle Skeptics for this event to get venue information. https://www.meetup.com/seattleskeptics/

Title: Global Warming: Understanding the Issues

Description: A brief overview of the science of global warming, its causes, evidence, along with some future projections, societal and environmental impacts, and potential solutions. A very brief introduction to the debate on global warming with a focus on scientific issues. Bio: Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Princeton University, 2005, Associate Professor at the UW Department of Atmospheric Sciences. “My research group develops and uses climate models to help build an understanding of how the planet works. We study everything from rain bands and winds in the tropics to temperature and cloud patterns in the polar regions. I teach classes for non-scientist undergraduates up to graduate students on topics such as geophysical fluid dynamics, climate modeling, and climate change. I’m also interested in public outreach and participate in groups that give talks, make videos, and create video games about climate science.

* The Skeptics aren’t climate deniers, just want to hear about the science of climate change.