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If you don’t have a chance to go to the No Methanol Comment Workshops on February 7th or 10th, join us at our next monthly meeting on February 15th at the Columbia City Library. Sarah Cornett from Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility will lead an informative workshop about how to write effective public testimony and comments. Learn how you can help stop the world’s largest fracked gas to methanol refinery!

We currently have a huge opportunity to stop this refinery. Permitting agencies will be accepting public comments soon! Join us for a comment writing workshop at our regularly scheduled monthly meeting, and submit as many comments as possible!

Fossil fuel companies are still trying to build the world’s largest fracked gas to methanol refinery, right here in Washington. The refinery would produce more than 6 million tons of greenhouse gases, equivalent to 1.3 million cars. It’s enormous demand for fracked gas would likely create the rationale to build even more dangerous gas pipeline capacity up and down the I-5 corridor, allowing more fracked gas projects in our communities.

Last year, this project came dangerously close to becoming fully permitted, until the Sierra Club and our partners won a major legal victory, forcing project backers to complete a supplemental environmental impact statement that includes the impacts of fracking, gas transportation, and consumption. Permitting agencies are currently accepting public comment to determine the scope of this supplemental impact statement.

Thank you to Sierra Club and WPSR for supporting comment workshops, like this one, to stop this huge methanol refinery!



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