CN! Store Spotlight Edition 3: Liberty Bottleworks

Even if you don’t own one of our awesome Sasquatopus Water Bottles, you’ve probably encountered a Liberty Bottleworks water bottle at some point. Among the abundant water bottle manufacturers, you think it would be hard to stand out, especially in such a niche market. Liberty Bottleworks does just that. 

Entering the market in 2011 after a very successful Kickstarter campaign, Liberty bottles are made entirely (and I mean entirely – down to the manufacturing equipment) from US materials in the US. Did I mention they receive zero funding from banks? And their impressiveness doesn’t end there. They also happen to be located right here in Cascadia. It is at their flagship factory in Yakima, Washington where they produce and print all of their products. All of the bottles are made from mostly recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. Their production process even upholds their sustainability initiative with almost all of their waste being recycled. And finally, they pledge at least 1% of their sales and work hours to help other organizations like the National Parks Conservation Association and CannedWater4Kids, an organization that helps bring clean water to children around the world. 

Thirsty yet? Go check out our nifty (and affordable) Cascadia Sasquatopus Water Bottles, featuring our cherished Sasquatopus design by Cascadian artist Lee Robson Spence. 

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