Celebrate Cascadia

cascadia solstice rainbow pride


Celebrate Cascadia is a new project to help promote stronger community ties within our region. It is a grassroots powered platform that integrates instagram, twitter and blogs to let people share the things that make this region special, including places, geography, our culture, regional identity and history as well as everything oddly and distinctly Cascadian.  

It’s goals are to promote Cascadian:

  • Identity
    In an urban and global world, people can easily lose connection to the place they live in. Celebrate Cascadia exists to reconnect people to our magical temperate rain forest bioregion and the social life that exists within it.  In doing so, we hope Cascadia will become a bigger part of who we all are.
  • Reconciliation
    Celebrate Cascadia believes that we must heal the wounds of hundreds of years of injustice to the Northwest coastal peoples.  One clear way of doing this is gaining a stronger and more respectful relationship to the bioregional place that we call home.

  • Sustainability
    The world needs new ways of solving big problems. Celebrate Cascadia believes it is possible to create economic, cultural and social systems that are in sync with nature. We want to spread this bioregional message to the world as a new model for human organiztion and policy making.

  • Food and Drink
    Celebrate Cascadia believes that local food comes from the ecoregion around you.  However, competing policies have created a system where we sometimes work against our partners in the community . We see a world where substainable food is produced, promoted and consumed in a way that aligns with the borders created by nature.

Want to help?

Email Brett Robinson, who has taken the awesome initiative to get this thing off the ground. Right now we need:

  • Researchers/Writers/Bloggers – to help us get a steady stream of Cascadia related articles, news and blogs off the ground.
  • Graphic Designers and Web Coders/Developers – for some very necessary web work.
  • Social Media’ars – to help us spread the word, share your favorite images and stories, and help #CelebrateCascadia fly!

We hope you’ll help make this project great!