Seattle Cascadia Arts Collective

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The Seattle Cascadia Arts Collective

The SCAC now has roughly 150+ members active around the Salish Sea that provides community art space, classes, workshops, meeting space, events, and art builds for large mobilizations in King County, using art as a tool for positive social change.

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For Cascadians in the Seattle area, we are very excited to share the creation of a Seattle Cascadia Arts Collective. Starting to help build an awesome float for the Fremont Solstice Parade, the SCAC grew out of the idea to represent Cascadia & CascadiaNow at events, and to use art as a force for positive social change throughout the Pacific Northwest. Active as an informal group of artists, poets, and Cascadians for the last two years, they are continued to grow in size and scope, officially becoming a core program of CascadiaNow! this year. 

Aside from being active in the Fremont Solstice parades and at festivals and events throughout the summer, members of the Cascadia Arts Collective were co-chairs for the Seattle Womxn’s March, keeping open sign and banner making areas and building nine amazing giant puppets, have started hosting ‘Guerrilla Art Schools’ that bring together many hundreds of people for nights of art creation and workshops, and are currently co-chairs for the Seattle science march in April. They are also working to help create a renegade art space in Ballard, that can be used as a community space for workshops, classes, presentations, art builds and storage. 

As a group, they provide core artistic infrastructure for large scale events such as props, puppets, consultation, tools and transportation; materials, storage and space for large scale artbuilds; weekly meetings, workshops and hands on art creation at it’s community art space in Ballard and office space in Wallingford; regular educational programming such as workshops, seminars and presentations, as well as hosting events that help build community engagement, ownership, partnerships and art. They were also 2016 McKay Grant recipient, which seeks to support artists in their efforts to bring engaging art to the streets of Fremont, and to enhance community creativity and collaboration from the Fremont Arts Council.