Cascadia Partners

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Cascadia Partnership is a unique program that pairs Fiscal Sponsorship with necessary services to strengthen and sustain Cascadia related organizing and mission related groups, businesses and organizations.

The Cascadia Partnership Program is ideal for organizations that want a partner to help them manage the necessary legal and financial side of organizing to assure that they are running smoothly and accountably and able to focus on what they feel is most important.

CascadiaNow! is committed to flexible and dynamic partnerships with groups and projects of all sizes.


  • Cascadia Partners must meet the eligibility requirements of our Fiscal Sponsorship Program.
  • Cascadia Partners agree to a founding set of principles similar to chapters and student groups.
  • In addition, CascadiaNow! selects groups and projects by our resource availability, and will favor those that demonstrate a clear need for a higher level of back-office service and support.