Bioregional Passport

cascadia solstice rainbow pride

The purpose of this project is to create Cascadia’s first Bioregional Passport to help educate and celebrate this incredible region. Ultimately, we hope the passport can be used to get stamps at participating “Made in Cascadia” businesses and generally help promote travel and culture across Cascadia. Using the Ecoregions of Cascadia map created by the Cascadia Institute as our starting point, we have divided Cascadia into seven smaller regions for purposes of fitting into a tangible passport.

Each Passport Region will contain space for 4 stamps, with the space filled with a unique image and information fact including a unique plant, animal, geographic feature, and a tribal quote. In the introduction, we will include 3-6 pages of information about each region. This will include pictures, and other key information. It will include a small bulleted fact area, an introduction to the watersheds included, some cool unique geographic and environmental points, and a brief history of the tribes that live in the area.

To this end we are actively recruiting volunteers who are passionate about this project and can commit at least 20 hours per month for a period of at least 12 weeks to work on designing the passport.