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CascadiaNow! Ambassadors raise awareness and educate about Cascadia & bioregionalism, shift our impacts locally, and build connections with local businesses, organizations and groups. Ambassadors give presentations, table, do art campaigns, and connect regional campaigns and projects into their community at a local level, and hook in with our CN! ambassador and chapter network.  Right Now our Ambassador Program is just getting off the ground! If you are a passionate Cascadian, we would love for you to work with us to develop our Ambassador, Project and Chapter structure, resources and network. 

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Our Bioregional Pledge
By taking the bioregional pledge, you join our list of Cascadians committed to living more bioregionally. Through this, we will send emails about ways to hook in, calls to action, and be more intentional.

The Bioregional Pledge:

Click to enlarge and read. Please feel free to download and distribute to friends (coming soon!)

Chapters and Groups

Click here to see our regional Ambassador and Chapter Map, as well as a directory of all of our Cascadia related projects and workgroups.

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  • Start a CascadiaNow! Chapter (Coming Soon)