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Articles, PDF’s and Books. Entries are listed in chronological order. This includes articles not found online, but links provided when possible.   


Cascadia: The Life and Breath of the World – by Frank Stewart and Trevor Carolan. University of Hawaii, July 2013. In this collection, exceptional writers, artists, and activists describe the complexity and richness of the region. Cascadia features work by Robert Bringhurst, Hugh Brody, Emily Carr, Wade Davis, Chief Dan George, Tom Jay, Eve Joseph, Maxine Hong Kingston, Theresa Kishkan, Charles Lillard, Barry Lopez, Lee Maracle, Susan Musgrave, Louis Owens, Bill Porter/Red Pine, Eden Robinson, Judith Roche, John Schreiber, Chief William Sepass, Rob Sieniuc, Gary Snyder, Richard Van Camp, Richard Wagamese, Rex Weyler, and Jan Zwicky.

New Cascadian National Soccer Team Eligible for VIVA Cup – Kelton Sears, The Seattle Weekly, July 29th. An article exploring the new Cascadia National Team and VIVA cup.

Towards Cascadian Food – by Emmett, The Olympia Times, July 18th 2013. The third post in a blog series exploring various aspects in Cascadian culture that exist in the here and now.

Camp Cascadia once again threatening Civil Disobedience – by Dirk Vanderhart, the Portland Mercury, July 15th 2013. Article about the Camp Cascadia efforts to block coverage of open air water reservoirs.

Cascadia: Uncle Sam Joins Socialists for Soccer? – by Michael Strickland, the American Thinker, July

Cascadia’s Appalachian Roots – by Emmett, The Olympia Times, July 8th 2013. The second post in a blog series exploring various aspects in Cascadian culture that exist in the here and now.

O’ Cascadia: Forget the Fourth, Fly the Fir – by Kelton Sears, The Seattle Weekly, July 3rd. Fun article detailing a Seattle Cascadia Now! Meeting

My Return to Cascadia – Brewpublic, June 10th 2013. Article blog story about a beer writer traveling through Cascadia and our distinct styles of beer.

A Regional Cascadian Personality Exists ‘Cascadian Calm’: A long history of the Seattle Freeze – by Emmett, The Olympia Times, June 6th 2013. The first post in a blog series exploring various aspects in Cascadian culture that exist in the here and now.

The Cascadiad: A story of the Cascadian Commonwealth – J.D. Mitchell, June 2nd 2013. A fictional depiction of a Cascadia future based on NBC’s new television show Revolution.

Cascadian Cuisine Economic Development Initiative Kicks Off – World Travel Association, May 7th 2013. A nice article talking about the launch of a conference in Portland to develop an official Cascadia Cuisine.

Cascadia – by Dan Roberts, April 26th 2013. An article exploring Northwest Independence, Regional Identity and the Cascadia National Team.

Cascadia Calls – by Michael Quigg, April 26th 2013. A short poem in tribute to Cascadia, where beats the heart of North American soccer.

A ‘Whom do you Hang with’ Map of America – by Robert Krulwich,, April 17th 2013. A detailed analysis of visualizations designed by tracking dollar bills to create a visualization of regional economies.

Cascadia’s Bumpy Recovery – by Jon Talton, the Seattle Times, April 6th 2013. An article talking about the economic recovery in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia, with a nice PDF infographic of how powerful our joint economy would be today.

CDP: A Cascadia Dark Poem – by Pope Brak, Screaming Robots, April 4th 2013. A cute little poem about Cascadia.

A New Map Of The U.S., Created By How Our Dollar Bills Move – by Stan Alcorn, Facts Co-Exist, March 18th 2013. Very cool visualization of how our money travels. Cascadia clearly emerges as a region.

Buzzword of the Month: Cascadia – by Tom Gierasimczuk, BC Business Magazine, March 4th 2013. Article discussing about how Cascadia is the buzzword of the month. Documents many of the ways Cascadia has gotten in the news recently.

In the 18: Cascadia Pride – Kyler Parris,, February 21st, 2013. A nice article documenting CAFFs process of application for applying to the NF-Board in Geneva for a Cascadian National Team.

Honesty Required in Cascadia Cup Discussions – Zach Slaton, Forbes, January 24th 2013. Discusses the legal battle between the Cascadia Cup Council and the MLS set into the context of Cascadia.

Cascadia Exhibit opens at Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford – US Consulate, January 22nd 2013. Details for the upcoming Cascadia exhibit at the Reach Gallery.

Cascadia and Coal – Pete McMartin, the Vancouver Sun, January 21st 2013. A look at the ongoing coal and oil pipeline fights taking place around the bioregion.


Explorations of Cascadian Cartography [Video] – Pretty Good Guy Productions, December 10th 2012. Video about the exhibits for the Cascadian Cartography Exhibit in Portland.

Decolonizing Cascadia: 7th Annual Regional Geography Conference –  Margo Greenwood and Sarah de Leeuw, University of British Columbia with support from regional universities, November 16th and 17th.

Welcome to Cascadia – Rebecca Bolwitt, August 24th 2012. The Cascadia Now! social movement gets a great mention in the lead up to the Cascadia Cup match between the Vancouver WhiteCaps and Portland Timber Army.

Cascadia Rising! – Martin Patail, editor of the Portland Monthly, July edition 2012. Break out the fireworks for the northwest’s independent state of mind, this in depth article covers the full range of Cascadia idealism and breadth of the Cascadia movement, as both a social and cultural idea.

BBC – The day in images, July 4th 2012: (image 11 of 12) An image of a Portland Timbers fan made it all the way to the BBC website for their photo journalism documenting the day in pictures.

10 Movements to Secede from the United States – Lauren Davis,, July 4th 2012. Cascadia receives an honorary mention.

Portland Giant Tifo Throws down Gauntlet to Seattle Sounders – Graham Parker, the Guardian UK, June 28th 2012

Cascadia: United under a Symbol – by Nate Sulat, MLS Reserves, June 27th 2012.

Cascadia Now! advocates shift in culture, not secession – Alicia Halberg, the Seattle Times, May 24th 2012. Article features a great interview with Seattle UW Cascadia Now! members.

The Cascadia Cup: On the CNMT, Supporter Culture, the End of Globalism and the Future of Football – by Jordan Smith, 79 Forever. A blog post from a Vancouver Whitecap on coming to discover Cascadia.

Washington Rules – by Joe Korbuszewski, February 9th 2012. Cascadian Independence gets a nice mention on this fun list of reasons why Washington State is awesome.

Ecolopolis 5: High Speed Rail (HRV) in Cascadia– by Dr. Ethan Seltzer (advisor), Becky Bodonyi, Sarah Bronstein, Erin Kirkpatrick, Dillon Mahmoudi, Andrew Parish, Chloe Ritter, Tony Vi, Department of Regional Planning & Metropolitan Growth Management Portland State University and in Cooperation with the University of Washington and Cascadia Center.


The Connected States of America – Carlo Ratti, the New York Times, July 2nd 2011. Using mobile communications to redraw community boundaries. Cascadia Emerges clearly in these studies.

The Citizen’s Guide to Seattle Beer: The Republic Of Cascadia – By Jessica Voelker, Seattle Metropolitan Magazine, May edition 2011.

The Republic of Cascadia – Kaya Webley, TIME Magazine, January 10th 2011. Cascadia ranks as #8 on Time Magazine’s top 10 list of the worlds aspiring nations.

Secession Digression – Stacy Brownhill, Wilamette Weekly, January 5th 2011. Cascadian Independence Project gets mentioned in Portlands Weekly paper, though they get our flag, website and a few other details slightly incorrect.

History Makes Cascadia Cup Unique – by Dave Clark, The Sounders at Heart January 1st 2011. Nice article talking about a brief history of Cascadia MLS teams and the distinctiveness of the yearly Cascadia Cup.


Modern Day Secessionists: An Interactive Map – By Nick BaumannDave Gilson, and Tim Murphy, Mother Jones Magazine, November 8th 2010. Cascadia gets a nod in an interactive map designed by Mother Jones magazine.

Investing in Cascadia – by Kevin McElroy, The Daily Profit, November 30th 2010. Cascadia gets explained in the lens of railroad BNI investor blog. Their judgement: Cascadia is worth the investment!

Cascadia: The New Frontier -by Peter Severinson, BC Business Journal 2010. Article talking about how the Olympics, and efforts to further regional integration may help make Cascadia a reality.

Dreams of a Unified Northwest are Halted at the Border – by William Yardley, the New York Times 2010. Article discusses how the Olympics and increased border security has hampered bioregional unification, instead of increasing it like some had hoped.

A Vision for Cascadia – Excerpt from America 2050 – Connecting Cascadia 2010. Part of a larger book discussing high speed regional transit, this excerpt contains a nice and concise view of Cascadia.

Hopworks Secession Black IPA Arrives – Beernews, February 17th 2010 by the Hopworks Urban Brewary (the HUB) down in Portland, OR.

A World away from Texas – by Peter Preston, The Guardian February 28th 2010.

Cascadia, Where Moral Hand-Wringing is an Olympic Sport – Knute Berger, CrossCut, March 1st 2010.


Urban Cascadia goes to China – by Knute Berger, Crosscut 2009.  Sustainability ideas from Cascadia in China for an Expo.

The Cascadian Dream – by Knute Berger, Crosscut 2009. A look at nature, regionalism and the spirit of John Muir.

Where else do they wear fleece to the Opera? – Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun 2009. A brief discussion of Cascadian practicality and fashion (or lack there of =).

Utopia: Are we there yet? – Knute Berger, Crosscut 2009. Review of the PAFAC art show.

Envisioning Cascadia: 33 Artists Envision a Homeland – Port Angeles Fine Arts Center showing from July 5th to November 9th of 2009. Work by 33 different Cascadian artists. Will work to try and track down more author info and artworks.

Is Cascadia’s Train Coming in? – by Knute Berger, the Crosscut May 19th 2009. High-speed rail between Seattle and Vancouver could be a catalyst for regional development, and identity.

(PDF) Ecolopolis 4.0: Livability in Cascadia – by class USP 549: Regional Planning and Metropolitan Growth Management, Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University, 2009.


Cascadian Independence Project – by Kevin Beals, The Seattle Sinner, 2008.

(PDF) Ecolopolis 3.0: Infrastructure and Sustainability in Cascadia – USP 549: Regional Planning and Metropolitan Growth Management, Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning, Portland State University, 2008.

Book: Cascadia: The Elusive Utopia, Exploring the Spirit of the Pacific Northwest – by Douglas Todd, 2008. A collection of essays on the history, culture and idea of Cascadia.

Pacific Coast Leaders Build Regional Collaboration – Governors Office of Washington 2008. Announcement on the signing of Pacific Coast agreement to further build bioregional economic and environmental ties.

The American Secessionist Streak – Christopher Ketcham, LA Times, September 2008.

Cascadia Series 3: Natural Environment Shaped our Culture – Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun May 8th 2008. The Third and final installation in a three part newspaper series covering different aspects of Cascadia.

Cascadia Series 2: Shared Cultural Traits, Values – Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun May 7th 2008. The second in a three part newspaper series covering different aspects of Cascadia.

Cascadia Series 1: Naive Dream or the Next Frontier? – Douglas Todd, Vancouver Sun May 6th 2008. The first in a three part newspaper series covering different aspects of Cascadia.

The Annals of Pacific Northwest Secession – by Knute Berger, Crosscut, May 6th 2008.

Venting Nickels Suggests Secession – Sharon Pian Chan and Ashley Bach, the Seattle Times, April 18th 2008.

Super… Natural… Northern Cascadia? – Jack Knox, The Times Colonist, February 18th 2008.

Most Likely to Secede – Christopher Ketcham, Good Magazine, January 2008.

Advice from Author: Choose where you Live Carefully – John Talton, The Seattle Times, 2008.

(PDF) Branding Cascadia: Considering Cascadia’s Conflicting Conceptualizations, Who Gets to Decide? – P.J. Smith, Fraser University, 2008.


Cascadia: More than a Dream – by Miro Cernetig, Vancouver Sun 2007. Article discussing various economic and cultural integration of Cascadia.

(PDF) NGO Transborder Organizations San Diego-Tijuana and Vancouver-Seattle Regions– by Taylor Lawrence, Frontera Norte 2007.

Cascadia and the End of the Nation-State: Interrogating the Bases of Transborder Boosterism – sparke& Accessed, May 14, 2007.

(PDF) Cascadia Ecolopolis 2.0– by Ethan Seltzer, Evergreen State University 2006. Written over the period of several classes by many of its students. Huge project and very informative paper on many different Cascadian aspects.

Divided we Stand, United We Fall – Jannsson, David. Counterpunch, December 20th 2006.

Welcome to the Evergreen Revolution – Matthew Gauk, The Martlet, November 9th, 2006.

Coming together to Ponder Pulling Apart – Paul Nussbaum, Philadelphia Inquirer. November 2006.

Free Cascadia – Kera Abraham, Eugene Weekly. September 9th 2006.

Cascadia Rising – Gudrun Will, the Vancouver Review, 2006.


Reading the Region: Aggressive Regionalism – by the University of Washington Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest. A nice brief history of Cascadian regionalism, with some nice quotes. (circa 2006?).

Book: Cascadian Adventures: Shared Vision, Strategic Alliances and Ingrained Barriers in a Transborder Region – by Alan Artibise. 2005. Chapter 12 of Holding the Line: Borders in a Global World.

Time to Revive Cascadia – by Christopher Key, The Tyee 2005. Author talks about the different qualities that define space and the irrelevance of archaic artificial boundaries.

The Man who Invented Ecotopia – Ernest Callenbach talks about Localism, the Future, and the State of Ecotopian Ideals (2005). In depth interview with Geov Parrish and the Seattle Weekly.

Eco-Cult – Revisiting Ecotopia 30 years Later. By Pat Joseph, from June of 2005, a look back at Ecotopia and it’s impact.

(PDF) Cascadia: Getting to Know your Bioregion – by Jeff Mocniak and Tina Floyd by the Step Back Collective, 2005.

Welcome to Cascadia – Steve Woodward, The Oregonian. November 14th 2004.

Republic, Bioregion, Utopia or Commonwealth? – A history of various Cascadian movements from it’s inception as the Oregon territories. Originally posted by Alexander on the Republic of Cascadia site which can be found here. Date unknown (2004?)

What or where is Cascadia? – A nice descriptor, history and overview of the Cascadian bio-region. Originally posted by Alexander on the Republic of Cascadia website which can be found here. Date unknown (2004?)

Western Regionalism: Views on Cascadia – Phillips, James D. Canada — United States Law Journal; 2004, Vol. 30, p333-339, 7p

Cascading Concepts of Cascadia: A Territory or A Notion? – Smith, Patrick J. Post Canada: Issue 25 Spring, 2002.


Book: The Politics of Resentment: British Columbia Regionalism and Canadian Unity – by Philip Resnick, University of British Columbia press, 2000.

Of Poetry and Plumbing: Managing Common Borders: North American Border Communities in the 21st Century – Papademetriou, D. and Meyers D. 2000 Washington DC: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.

Baseball Season in Seattle Sets off Cascadia Dreams – by Patrick Nagle, The Vancouver Sun, August 3rd 1999.

Emerging Cascadia: Geography, Economy Bring Northwest Cities Ever Closer – Porterfield E. 1999 Christian Science Monitor 26 July

The Bioregional Basis of Forest Certification: Why Cascadia? – by David Simpson, University of Idaho, October 7th 1998.

Vancouver and Cascadia – Robert Kaplan, The Atlantic Monthly Online, 1998. An excerpt of a three piece segment on different regions within the United States describing the authors unique experience within Cascadia.

Connecting Cascadia’s Communities – Agnew B. Seattle Times  14 July 1998.

Tran State Entities: Posmodern Cracks in the Great Wesphalian Dam – Relyea S. 1998  Geopolitics

The Rain Forests of Home: Profile of a North American Biroegion – Schoonmaker P von Hagen B. and Wolf, E 1997  Washington, DC: Island Press

Book: Cascadia: An Emerging Regional Model – by Alan Arbitise, Anne Vernez Moudon, and Ethan Selzer 1997. Cascadia: Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver section of the book Cities in our future: growth and form, environmental health and social equity.

Politicians a Missing Cascadian Link – by Paul Freeman, Puget Sound Business Journal 1997. Article discussing economic integration, PNWER, and the idea of Cascadia.

Metropolis Unbound: The Sprawling American City and the Search for Alternatives – by Robert Geddes, The American Prospect 1997. A brief excerpt talking about leading urban and regional planning within the Cascadian bioregion.

America’s Crackup – Fleming, Thomas, National Review, 00280038, 7/28/1997, Vol. 49, Issue 14

Cascadia and WestCan – Independence Now! – by Bob Orrick, Senior Years, Volume 3 Number 15 (circa 1996?).

(PDF) The Idea of Cascadia: Emergent Transborder Regionalisms in the Pacific Northwest – Western Canada – by Alper Donald K, The Journal of Borderlands Studies, Volume 9, Fall 1996.

Cascadian Adventures: Shared Visions, Strategic Alliances, and Ingrained Barriers in a Transborder Region – by Alan F. J. Artibise. Manuscript from On Brotherly Terms symposium, University of Washington, Seattle, 1996.

Up to 1995:

The Cascadian Flag: It Flows as it Flies – By David McCloskey, The Cascadia Institute 1995.

Achieving Sustainability in Cascadia: An Emerging Model of Urban Growth – by Alan Artibise, North American Cities and the Global Economy: Challenges and Opportunities, 1995 pp 221-250.

Cascadia: The New Binationalism of Western Canada and the U.S. Pacific Northwest – Schell and Hamer 1995 in Earle R. and Wirth J. Identities in North America: The Search for Community Palo Alto, CA Stanford University Press

Toward Sustainable Urbanization on Mainstreet Cascadia – Department of Urban Design and Planning, University of Washington, Cities Volume 13, Issue 5, October 1996, Pages 339-354.

Trade, Investment and the New Regionalism: Cascadia and its Economic Links with Japan – by David Edginton, Canadian Journal of Regional Science, vol. XVIII, no. 3, 1995, pp.333-356.

The Americas: British Columbia’s future may not lie with ‘Old Canada’ – Powell, Mark W. Wall Street Journal. (Eastern edition). New York, N.Y.: Jun 9, 1995.

Welcome to Cascadia – The Economist, 00130613, 5/21/1994, Vol. 331, Issue 7864

Northwest’s Economy Defies National Borders – Schodolski, V. 1994 Chicago Tribune 1 August

Cascadia – by Janet Johnson, Seattle University News. Spring, 1994. p. 21-23.

Cascadia: A Great Green Land on the Northeast Pacific Rim – by David McCloskey, Cascadia Planet, 1994.

Cascadia: It’s As Much a State of Mind as a Geographic Place – Seattle University News (Spring 1994): 21-23.

The Canadian Geographer, vol.37, no.2, 1993, pp.120-131, – on regional culture and music; inaugural edition of the journal THE NEW PACIFIC. An early edition developed a contest for a Cascadia flag.

“Cascadia” Borders on Future – by Karl Schoenberger, LA Times 1993. A very early news article discussing the bioregion and concept of Cascadian independence.

Cascadia: A state of (various) mind(s) – Henkel, William B., Chicago Review, 00093696, 1993, Vol. 39, Issue 3/4

What is the Future of Cascadia? – by former Seattle mayor Paul Schell and J. Hamer. 1993. Discovery Institute Inquiry”. Occasional Paper 2. Seattle: Discovery Institute.

The Pacific Northwest Economic Region: A Multi-state Multi-province Regional Approach to Economic Development – Alan Bluechel, Vol 11, Winter 1993, pp27-29.

Cascadia: The North Pacific West – by former mayor Paul Schell, Unpublished Manuscript, 1992.

We’re outta here – Overby, Peter, Common Cause Magazine, 08846537, Win 1992, Vol. 18, Issue 4

A Green Island In A Sea of Envy: Welcome to Cascadia, the West Coast Ecotopian’s Dream State – by Ian Gill, THE GEORGIA STRAIGHT, June 5-12, 1992, pp.7-9.

Et In Cascadia, Ego – Economist. 1992. February 29: 28.

Welcome To The Republic Of Pacifica – by Mark Moseley, VANCOUVER SUN, March 7, 1991, p.A 11.

Cascadia – by Eileen Quickley, The New Pacific, Number 2, Winter-Spring 1990 pp. 2- 3.

Book: The Nine Nations of North America – by Joel Garreau, 1981

Book: Ecotopia and Ecotopia Emerging – by Ernest Callenbach 1975 and 1981. A cult classic and the first recent book to mention a unified bioregion.